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Cressi Drysuit Desert 4mm Female

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In addition to its high finish quality in terms of seams, heat-sealing and patterned design, DESERT stands out for the use of neoprene pre-compressed from 7 to 4 mm.

This neoprene has the advantage of excellent thermal protection in the base due to its incompressibility in addition to a reduced weight belt requirement.

Also reduces the need to use large undergarments as with trilaminate suits. The rigidity of this type of neoprene has been compensated with the use of exterior lining Ultraspan© with a brilliant finish, hydrodynamic gliding and great elasticity in all directions. In this way we combine the comfort of a wetsuit with a premium look and outstanding technical performance.

Areas with tendency for the greatest wear are reinforced with Small Dyamond© exterior fabric: shoulders, the upper part of the chest, armpits, inseam, knees and ankles.

LIQUID SEAL sealed seams for greater resistance to wear and fraying. 

The areas that may require repairs or replacements: sleeves, collar and booties have traditional seams to facilitate replacement if necessary.

Collar and wrist seals made of 5mm (wrist) and 3 mm (collar) ultra-elastic neoprene, with Ultraspan lining, easily replaceable in case of wearing.

Sitech© valves. Inflation valve located on the the chest utilizes a lateral button to avoid accidental activation, the bleed valve is located on the upper left arm.

Marine brass BDM© 8 pitch zipper guarantees reliability without overly sacrificing suit elasticity in the dorsal area.

The suit entry is oversized to facilitate donning and the zipper is protected by an external flap to prevent tearing and abrasion. Neoprene hip storage pocket. YKK zipper.

The knee and tibia areas have elastic anti-wear Tatex® reinforcements.

This type of strengthening provides sufficient strength and allows suit donning without limiting the elasticity of the neoprene.

Booties without soles with reinforcements limited to support areas in order to not reduce the adaptability to different foot sizes. Highly abrasion-resistant Black Diamond© fabric sole.

In this way the stocks and orders are managed, the thermal conductivity of the suit is improved, normal fin sizing is maintained and the key hard boot-calf union is avoided, one of most common areas for breaks and water leaks in dry suits.  Hood and paraffin zipstick included.

·        Made of 4 mm-thick High-Density pre-compressed Neoprene

·        Soft neoprene socks

·        Internal suspender system

·        Fly with concealed zip

·        Heavy duty kneepads

·        Side action rotating inflation valve

·        Adjustable discharge relief valve

·        Metallic back zip

·        Pocket on the right leg with D-Ring and Hood holder


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