Slider Powder Wetsuits / Drysuits


Slider Powder Wetsuits / Drysuits

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If you use a Drysuit for Diving, one of the major challenges until now was to obtain a lubricant that did not degrade the soft rubber seals of your suit.


Gels were found to contain chemicals that were damaging to the suit or to the environment.


Many divers used Talcum Powder, but the perfume chemicals in Talcum Powder would quickly degrade soft rubber.


Talc has found to be carcinogenic when inhaled, so even ‘unscented’ talc should not be used.


The makers at Sliderdry, after much testing and experimentation, have come up with a product that not only replicates the lubricating ‘slide-on’ effect of talcs and gels, but is made from ALL NATURAL ingredients – includes seaweed extract.


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