Scubapro Boot Delta 5mm


Scubapro Boot Delta 5mm

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The popular Delta 5mm dive boot, updated for 2019, maintains its sturdy but flexible outsole and rubberized protective armor, yet still feels very light on the foot. A revised ankle diameter and new contoured top improve fit and make sliding the YKK zipper up and down even easier. The full cut design creates a comfortable, cramp-free fit, even for wide-shaped feet. The reinforcement on the top of the foot provides both cushion and protection against the edge of the fin pocket. The boot’s anti-slip tread is non-marking, a feature boat owners always appreciate. Offering lots of protection and comfort, the next time you're diving cold water or traversing rocky shorelines, you'll be glad to be wearing your Deltas.

·         5mm N2S (Nylon 2 Sides) construction delivers comfort and durability.

·         New version offers an improved fit and easier wear with a revised ankle and a contoured top.

·         Sturdy outsole and rubberized armor provide excellent protection on top and bottom and increase comfort when traversing rocky shorelines.

·         Reinforced toe and heel caps extend boot life. The heel cap includes a fin strap keeper.

·         YKK zipper is fitted with a gusset to cut down on water seepage, and secures with a Velcro tab.

·         High-quality anti-slip tread is non-marking, a feature boat owners always appreciate.

·         Made from X-Foam, a petroleum-free, limestone neoprene.

Marketing Product Type – Boots                                            Boot

Thickness – Boots                                                                   5mm

Materials – Boots                                                                    X-Foam Neoprene

Sole Type                                                                                 Reinforced Toe and Heel

Product Weight                                                                       1.3 lb

Activity                                                                                    Recreational

UPC                                                                                         4048336411790

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