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Cressi Snorkel Corfu

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Snorkel designed mainly for snorkeling, apnea and diving.

The tube (curved shape and soft material) has a variable section and in the upper part ends with an innovative splash guard, which drastically reduces water entry from waves, without interfering with breathing.

The mouthpiece, made of soft silicone, has an angle studied in a particularly ergonomic way, with a reduced bite size for prolonged use without gum fatigue. The mouthpiece body consists of two pieces, with an inclination that ensures better and faster water drainage.

A lower purge valve enables instant clearing when needed


Profiled splash guard: significantly reduces water entry

- Mouthpiece: drops away when not in use - great for scuba divers

- High-quality silicone mouthpiece: is comfortable and durable

- Angled anatomical mouthpiece: reduces jaw fatigue

- Lower purge valve: allows water to be quickly expelled

- Streamlined design: reduces drag while swimming

- Adjustable clip for securing to any mask


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