Oceanpro Snorkel Lorne

Stock No.  SNLO
AU$ 32.00
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The Lorne is a quality affordable Purge snorkel designed specifically for Snorkelers and Freedivers. It features a flexible pre-curved tube that contours to the divers head for improved diver comfort.

Set at the optimum bore size and snorkel length to minimise dead air space with the lower section pre-curved to sit comfortably in the divers mouth.

The lower section features a purge valve, positioned at the snorkels lowest point and a silicone mouthpiece for improved comfort.


  • Tube designed at optimum bore size and length to reduce dead air space
  • Lower Purge valve designed to enhance the snorkels clearing efficiency
  • Silicone mouthpiece for improved diver comfort
  • Easy to attach snorkel keeper, simply secures to your diving mask


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