·         Streamlined flexible oval-shaped bore ·         Silicone drop away style - great for SCUBA Divers ·         Splash-proof… - Read More

AU$ 49.00

Cressi - Italy
Cressi Snorkel Corfu

Snorkel designed mainly for snorkeling, apnea and diving. The tube (curved shape and soft material) has a variable section and in the upper part ends with an innovative splash guard, which drastically reduces water entry from waves, without interfering… - Read More

The Itaca Ultra Dry snorkel features at the top end an internationally patented dry guard, which prevents water entry while using it on the surface in any position. The new mechanical device has three movement joints, whose counterweight ensures immediate… - Read More

Cressi - Italy
Cressi Snorkel Tao

The Tao is a semi-dry snorkel that allows divers to take every breath with confidence and focus on the reef below not on worrying about water in your air way. The top Splash Guard is designed to reduce water intake. A generous bore contoured tube provides… - Read More

AU$ 49.00

The new Ultra SD (Semi-Dry) employs a patent pending deflector to stay dry in waves and wind. The design also incorporates a drop-away flex mouthpiece, oversized purge valve for easy clearing and a 100% liquid silicone mouthpiece. - Read More

AU$ 59.00

The Oasis Snorkel boasts a large snorkel tube equipped with a splash top and purge facility. - Read More

AU$ 15.00

High quality spearo snorkel with sleek matte black liquid silicone construction. - Read More

AU$ 25.00

The splashguard barrel-top design of the Spectra helps keep water from entering the large-bore barrel while allowing abundant airflow. Included with this easy-to-use snorkel is a very efficient purge valve located down low, an ultra-comfortable regulator-style… - Read More

AU$ 57.00

Designed to be the perfect companion to SCUBAPRO's Spectra masks, the restyled SPECTRA DRY is nothing if not the ideal snorkel. Its large-bore upper tube allows plenty of airflow, and its dry top design actually seals the tube when the snorkel is submerged… - Read More

AU$ 71.00

The SV1 is designed for high performance with a conical flared top to deliver maximum airflow.  Any water trapped below the mouthpiece is easily cleared with a small burst of exhaled air, so the internal tube airway remains dry even if water enters… - Read More

AU$ 109.00

The SV1 Flex is designed with a conical flared top with flex lower section to deliver maximum airflow. Any water trapped below the mouthpiece is easily cleared with a small burst of exhaled air, and the internal tube airway remains dry even if water… - Read More

AU$ 99.00

The SV2 is designed to limit splashed water from entering the breathing tube, by combining the Scupper Valve lower section with the sleek looking SV2 Semi-Dry top.  SV2 is the perfect snorkel for rough or choppy water conditions. - Read More

AU$ 119.00

The Ultra Dry 2 features a sleek ergonomic design that incorporates Oceanic’s patented Dry Snorkel Technology, including a drop away flex mouthpiece and an oversized purge valve for easy clearing. Plus 100% liquid silicone mouthpiece ensures a comfortable… - Read More

AU$ 89.00