2021 Oct 19-28 Dive Christmas Island


Date: 19-28 October 2021

Cost: $4340


Join Diveline on this trip to dive spectacular Christmas Island! Divers here will be delighted

to find a treasure trove of dive experiences, including grottos, drop offs, big fish and little

critters. A highlight for this destination is the migration of the iconic Christmas Island Red

Crabs. Shark lovers are in for a treat, with the waters around Christmas Island boasting many

varieties of shark, including white tip, grey reef and silkys. As for the macro, keep your eyes

peeled for ghost pipefish, harlequin shrimp and dragon moray eels. A particular feature of

diving here are the caverns and caves, in

particular Thundercliff Cave where divers can surface and walk in to the cave to admire the

stalactite formations. This is certain to be a trip to remember!