Blairgowrie Pier

Blairgowrie Pier

Blairgowrie Pier

Type:                       Shore Dive - Pier
Depth:                     0 - 5 metres
Rating:                     Open Water 
Snorkel:                   Yes
Night Dive:              Yes





Access:                     Either by shore under the pier or off the divers pontoon only.

Best Conditions:    Any southerly wind, protected from the west, Light northerly winds and light easterly winds.

Critters:             Smooth Rays, Stingarees, Goatfish, Big-bellied Seahorse, Short-headed Seahorse, Tasseled Anglerfish, Nudibranchs, Blue-ringed Octopus, Sand Octopus, Pale Octopus, Maori Octopus, Wobbegong Shark.  

Dangers:             Fishermen, Boats, Sailboats.

Details:               Best shore dive in Victoria. Is located on the Mornigton Peninsula.  In 2001 The Blarigowrie Jetty was replaced by the Blarigowre Yacht Squadron. The sea Wall on the right side of the pier and the outer wall of the pier. Creates an area for pores of sponges to settle on and create a unique habitat. Home to many species of nudibranchs               


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