Rye Pier

Rye Pier

Rye Pier

Type:                        Shore Dive - Pier
Depth:                     0 - 8 metres
Rating:                    Open Water 
Snorkel:                   Yes
Night Dive:             Yes

Access:                    Either by shore under the pier or off the lower landing.

Best Conditions:   Any southerly. Light northerly, westerly or easterly winds.

Critters:                   Smooth Rays, Stingarees, Goatfish, Tasseled Anglerfish, Hulafish, Wrasses, Sea Moths, Big-bellied Seahorse, Short-headed Seahorse,  Nudibranchs, Blue-ringed Octopus, Sand Octopus, Pale Octopus, Maori Octopus, Wobbegong Shark.  

Dangers:                   Fishermen, Boats, Jetskiers.

Details:                      The pier creates a great place for Sargassum plants, which is a perfect place for seahorses to live. 

    Destination Boat Start Date  
Rye Pier Guided Shore Dive - Sunday Sunday 02 Jun 2024
Rye Pier Guided Shore Dive - Saturday Saturday 15 Jun 2024