Aeolid Nudibranchs

Aeolid Nudibranchs     (Cladeobranchia)

  • have many cerata spread over their back which are used for defense as well as respiration
  • They lack a mantle
  • Some host zooxanthellae



All these have been taken in Victorian waters and can be found looking in rockpools, snorkelling or scuba diving. 


Family: Aeolidiidae

Aeolidiella drusilla


 Aeolidiella Drusilla


 Cerberilla sp. Cerberilla Sp.


Family: Facelinidae

Austraeolis ornata

Austraeolis ornata


Favorinus sp.

Favorinus sp.


Family: Flabellinidae

 Flabellinidae sp.

Facelina sp.

Photo by Paul Sorensen





Family:    Myrrhinidae

Phyllodesmium serratum    (Baba, 1949)

Phyllodesmium serratum



Family:    Arminidae

Dermatobranchus rubidus    (Gould, 1852)

Dermatobranchus rubidus



Family:    Dotidae

Doto pita  (Er. Marcus, 1955)

Doto pita


Family:    Madrellidae

Madrella ferruginosa    (Alder & Hancock, 1864)


Madrella ferruginosa



Family:    Tritoniidae

Tritonia Sp. RB3


Tritonia Sp. RB3




Family: Facelinidae

Pteraeolidia semperi    (Bergh, 1870) 

Shimoda, Japan 


Pteraeolidia semperi




Pteraeolidia semperi


FAMILY:   Samlidae

Samla bicolor    (Kelaart, 1858)

Flabellina sp.